Friday, August 6, 2010

Jux LUAHAN dr lubuk hati yg trPENDAM

em,today da sminggu kte gi skola..
last week kluar hspital n sabtu da gi shopping..
wow!!super excited la smpai x sbar nk raya..
i bought a tracey star hndbag(purple black) n a shoes
(beige) jugak sbb lps raya trial..
n then SPM..OMG,so scary..
kte pk nk mnta tngguh kimo la ble spm nt but
wat about trial??ieyh..trial pon pnting gak..i hope tme kimo
n trial x sma..hu2..i can't wait to grown bigger..i want to
be someone successful n ajk umi n abah gi shopping..
kalau bole,i wnat thenm to go on a vacation..let them
relax 4 a while..marry??hm..kalau ada jodoh but if i can,
i don't want to..i think its scary..
by the way,kte sgan la ble kt skola..its seem like
evryone know bout my illness..n i hate their though
of i'm not strong,i'm a sick person so i have to be careful,
i can't be stressed n many more..i hate their sympathy look..
n i'm started to feel boring when they ask me bout my illness..
its not like they would understand jus making them
to make new thought bout could i lie??i'm not s strong
s i seen..i'm a snsetive gurl..i'm embarrased to show them dat
i actually really snsetive..i'm embarrased bout evrything..i don't
like if they stare me..jux say wat u want 2 say..its annoying when
u stare at me without a word..i might look like i'm happy with
all the popularity but i'm not..i hate it if im popular bcox i'm sick..