Friday, August 6, 2010

controvercy of shinee-lucifer

Below is jux a copy of others blog so plizz don't think it as my opinion..but i want to know wat u think bout it..

I’ve been receiving some nasty comments about SHINee because of their Lucifer album and song title. And really guys, isn’t it obvious that I’m a SHINee fan? Do you really think I’d approve a comment that spreads evil rumours about SHINee? (But I greatly welcome any comments about the whole Lucifer story because I know I could be wrong)

First off, SHINee is pronounced SHINY. Not she-nee. So no, the “SHI” in SHINee does not translate to 死 (die in Japanese). Because it’s pronounced as ‘she’. Secondly, a lot of words in Japanese and Chinese are pronounced exactly the same, but the written word is different, so you can’t use this kind of lame evidence to support your lame accusations. Thirdly, SHINee are essentially a Korean group and “shinee” doesn’t mean anything evil (or anything at all, in fact) in Korean.

I don’t claim to be an expert on christianology (in fact, I know very little of it) but I did some research on the topic so I hope to answer the question every one seems to have. Well, not everyone. Just hardcore Christians who have some problems with the use of Lucifer.

But first, where is the connection between SHINee and the illuminati?

Their comeback album and song is titled Lucifer, which you cannot deny has strong roots from religion. But the problem lies wherein people tend to associate it with Satan. And the Illuminati which was a group of rebels or something, who claimed Lucifer as their God. Hence, the controversy.

What is the meaning of Lucifer?

The short version. The song Lucifer has nothing to do with the illuminati or christianity; it’s just a metaphor they use for a girl that’s under the disguise of an angel. And to symbolize entrapment. But you know, nowadays you have to be really careful with what you say, because there’s a lot of nitpickies (people who nitpick) out there who’d take any chance they could to rip you to pieces.

Once again, here’s SMentertainment’s explanation.

“Members using their eye expression to show their main song ‘Lucifer’, in Christianity, Lucifer means the falling angel of the devil. SHINee with a refreshing image in the past activities, showed a big transformation and a feeling of approaching in their 2nd album.

SM expressed that ” A selfish heart, persevering love, wrongly threatened and repeatedly revolving appearance of an angel and devil, lovers having a vague feeling in Lucifer” “The meaning of religion is to have courage”.

The longer (but still short) version. But just for your information, Lucifer was never intended to be synonymous with Satan, or even represented as a fallen angel. He is instead supposed to symbolize a fallen Babylonian King. Lucifer appears in the fourteenth chapter of the Old Testament book of Isaiah, in the twelfth verse,

“How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!”

There is no mention nor reference to Satan at all. Just a random name mentioned out of the blue. But ancient priests and whoever who knew a lot about the bible clarified that it was never specified to mean Satan, just the Babylonian King.

Christians and Mormons just happily equated “Lucifer” with “Satan” because they needed to create for themselves a demonic presence, so they used Lucifer as their scapegoat; that’s how injust the world is, and they later used the verse to support their accusations.

Since Lucifer isn’t actually Satan, SHINee isn’t satanic. And just because the Illuminati said that Lucifer was their God, doesn’t mean any future references have to be linked to the illuminati.

So, are the SHINee illuminati? Decidedly not.

What are the illuminati? Some underground group of repressed radicals? Do we really fear the New World Order anymore? I don’t think we need to worry about the illuminati anymore. Or is the question: Did we ever, need to worry?

Besides, in the song lyrics, it’s not like they are saying Lucifer is amazing; in fact, their message is quite the opposite.