Sunday, October 23, 2011

I'm not Insane am I ?

Who says I'm insane when I say I want to do something different that no one had ever done here? Says who? Tell me..No one say that except you,am I right?

Your just afraid to do something new..Crazy if you might say always think about people thought when actually its nothing to be minded. Why should you care about that simple thing? ok,maybe some of you cant say that as simple because you live on people's thought but try to let that kind of live go.

We cant satisfied evryone. There must be some pro's and contra's in our action. At least that would make our life more colourful. Its boring to always have a happy ending to our daily live. When will you learn new thing,new experience? Wake  up guys..Its already noon..No more dreaming..Try different thing in your life and you will find your life is AWESOME and not just any regular life.

Do some experiment using real subject (human ;P) Its nothing you always do right. Try create new image or something and watch their funny face making. How they watching you and who knows,you might even win the most "KnoWn PerSon" award..Lol..I know its hard to do because you are still trying to learn being a shameful a REMINDER here! DO NOT CHANGE FROM A GOOD PERSON INTO A BAD NAUGHTY PERSON ok..Tell no one that i teach you to be a different person bcause I dont teach you to turn into a joker..

Oh,one more thing before i forget..You can do something different from your usual,boring life but please dont do a super weird thing or style because that would show your negative side so be careful and think before you do some inovation to your life..
Anyway,have some fun on your life while doing crazy stuff :) Cheers (^o^)