Sunday, April 10, 2011

Its true i have not writing here or posting bout ages since i have another blog
i made for my blog here had been too expose with friends i know..
truthfully,i dont really like people i know to read my post when it talk bout
my thought n wont be fun anymore..besides,its too embarassing
to talk bout..(thats what i thought although it might be normal to others)
I'm just telling that i'm not really going to post anything more bout my feelings..
well,maybe just some of it after lots of thinking..keke..
Nway,dont ever thought of searching or looking into my other blog..
Mind ur own privacy ok..hee..ask me first before u intrude into
my personal stuff..(although there's only 1% of chance i permit it..haha)
well,not talking much since i had post other stuff to my other blog..
n now i'm waiting for my coconut drink..ahh~that would be refreshing..