Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cat Street

Last night I found a manga tittled 'Cat Street'.Its a story of 4 people
Cat Street
who once get hurt and withdrewn themselves from society.The story
started at a place called El-Liston,a free school for a student that had
stopped going to public.A school for a student who got problem of their
own searching for the meaning of life.Crawling back to their old self and
be reborn.4 of them had been closed friends since thier first encounter.
Supporting and protecting each other helping themselves to heal the
pain that once occur.Living like a stray cat and found their own
meaning of life.

That story had a touch that I had never feel before.Making me realise
that although the world is not easy but I had to try my best to
challenge it back.Searching for my own happiness before giving it to
someone else.It doesn't matter who we are as long as we keep on
fighting for ourselves and people we cherish most.Accept who we really are
and optimistic about it.Its fine to sometimes rely on someone and together
search for the solution.It made me do a lot of thinking.I;m starting to feel
my confidence are back.I'm feeling grateful for having friends that keep
on cheering and supporting on me.Making me laught when I dont feels like.
Accompany me when I'm alone.Hearing my sorrow and keeping secrets.
Although sometimes we get annoyed but it doenst matter cause it would
be one of a memory that created the day.A memory that one can't forget.

Oh my gosh..That story had really taken me in it.It have lots of moral that
I could use to make me a better person in future.It doesn't really all bout love.
What's important in that story is its about people we cheerish and care most.
Wow!!Thats a long compliment I write.I normally been bit lazy to write any
new post but sometimes when I found something good and moral,I felt
like sharing it with others.Nee~but I still need to push myself on writing it..hehe