Monday, July 20, 2009

A story of ME..

well,i jux want 2 tell a story of mine
when i'm still dat time..
life iz kinda hard 4 me..i have 2 study
while i'm goin' on my kimo..erm,u know
rite kimo is 4 treatin' de cancer..but stil,i'm
lucky coz my cancer is stage,there's
nothin'g 2 wory..2 shorten de story..i'd made
all dat 12 kimo in a year..twice in a month n
i manage 2 end it in septmber..a week b4 ramadhan..
so,after dat tme..i live myself hapy,active n
cheerful life..its all going on jux fine 4 almost
3 years but dis year, de doctor had told me
dat my old illness had come back..n after a full
body scan,well,it jux had been detected in other
several places in my body part..hmm..i jux heard
dis from my doctor said..i might have 2
do de kimo again n they r goin' 2 put a tube
in my blood,dis time they wont
put de kimo pod thing..thanks god 4 dat coz
its realy painful 2 put it in my body..i could still
rmember how it feel..i juz can't 4get it..i hope this
time,de tube wont feel de same s de kimo pod..

(owh,ya Allah,be pity 4 me..let de pain feel less)