Thursday, July 23, 2009

stay in a hosptal~

well,2day is my 2nd day in hosptal.
yesterday,i had taken my 1st,i felt realy
nervous coz i'm still in trauma when i'm thinkin'
bout my last kimo in 2006..but 2day i'll still
have 2 take my kimo..n i don know when..i kept
have feelin' like wanna least i could still
eat althought i don feel like eatin' it..urgh..i don feel
strong enought yet..2morrow i'll be out n get rest at home
it is long enought 4 me 2 stay in dis hospital..wearin' bothersome
needles at hand n felt dizzy when i food had
been throat felt uneasy..but i'm stil hapy coz
abah will buy me a new it really bored here..
i could only sleep,eat,watch tv,went 2 toilet n do a checkup
for a few times a bru ckit..kte kne lbih sbar ag..
ni pon da ckup baik la der least i can on9 althought
4 kali ni kne btol2 jga kc-hatn so dat
i could be hepi n cheerful s b4 n i hop lps nie bole la wt aktvti2
lasak cm dlu..i wanna dance,jump,run n do evrthing i,i
juz nid a bit patience..chayok kinah..kambatte..