Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Re3 - Reuse,Reduce, Recycle

I'm back here writing again..
Sorry cause my next post is about recycling and not about my trip to Pakistan..
Well, I'm stuck with this recycle poster now.. Too bad that my friends keep on hoping for me to finish theirs.. No way! I'm not gonna let them do their ways.. I will only help with the sketch and design..They need to do the colors :p

well..I'm gonna put that trademark in the poster i guess.. Daa~ too many works left on  holiday..huhu..
Fighting Rose!! u can do it.. Finish it tonight n let them color tomorrow.. Friday, time to pass it up ^^

p/s: Although I'm still a bit blurry on how should i design it..hahaha..gonna take that challenge if i want to be a designer in the future <3 p="p">

                                                                                              Peace from me, Rose ~