Sunday, April 29, 2012

My new Life ( ~o~ )

It been a long time since I post anything here..Truthfully, I have so many stories to write but it just that whenever I'm facing internet and start searching for things to watch, I'm getting absorbed by it and got lazy to post anything.. Sorry for my irresponsibility as a writer..sob..sob T^T

Anyway, I'm starting my new semester so I get to meet many more different people.. Well, yeah~ It seems awkward the first moment I entered the class.. I managed to balance my schedule within friends I'm close to <3 

Somehow, people change and we won't get the same opportunity to get close to each other but still, I will remain our friendship till end even though we are in a different class and feels apart for a bit (maybe it just my feeling..kurosse)

Moreover, I could feel the difference of 'some people' stares when I walk by or greeting them.. Urggh~ Is it because of some stupid stuff I played before the end of semester? Nah, whatever because it has nothing to do with me ^^ I'm happy as who I am ( Although its a bit lonely and boring without a gossip to chitchat on T^T)

For the readers, I'm sorry for I have to stop writing for a while because I'm still trying to adjust my life in this semester.. Duh, how hard it should be ( > . > ) I don't like it.. Na shiro! ( I like this korean phrase =P )

Just being the silly me is enough to fulfill my memories
because I won't change to anyone else
but keep on being myself ^^

p/s: but I will still take example of a good role-model <3