Thursday, August 4, 2011

A day In My LiFe

Hee..da lme org x post sumthing kt blog nie kn..
Asyik feel kat blog lg satu jer..
Well,hari ini org rase mcm nak post sumthing..
(opps!!sjk ble pulak guna ayt 'orang' mnggntikn 'kita' nie?haha)

Hari ni kelas habis jam 5 ptg (Omo! Lamanyer..)
and my emtion today was unstable..Yup! Kwn2 pun de tegur asking
whether I'm okay or not..Of course la org akn senyum jer..
Alhamdulillah..sbb mood a bit cloudy,org dapat habiskn 1 juz dlm
satu hari..I read the Quran everywhere i go asking for calmness from my
Noktah dan sayonara buat semangatku yg lemah itu..thats the end..
mls nak pnjang2 kn lg..x elok mcm tu..inikn bulan puasa,bulan Ramadhan..
Bulan penuh kemuliaan dan keredhaan.
Anyway,thats not the point here..I want to talk about what took my interest
today..haha ^^
Time kelas Litar Letrik.....there's a guy said that,a woman perlu duduk rumah dan
memasak shj n I replied it.
" Siapa kata? Mcm tu org nak cari husband yg boleh masak la..hee"
Then,kitorg gelak2 la lepas org ckp ayt td.but one of the guy there was suprised wif my words..Smpai terangkat kepala dia trdengar ayat yg org sebut..hahahaha
And another one is, I gave my friend a book with something I wrote myself..
She read it and we spoke a bit in english..The same guy I replied before stand beside me..
Yup!I felt a bit awkward because I'm uncomfortable when a guy stand or sit beside me with a short distance..Urgh..I dont like it ok! (Thank god, I always managed to keep myself away from socializing too much T_T )
My friend (the one with the book ) act like reading my words loudly  (using different words)
"Aku nikahkn kau dgn ........ dgn mas kawinnya rm 100..." I laught hearing her words
and the guy beside me replied " Aku setuju x3 " .. My friend and i laught looking at him saying
those word..Its funny you know but at the same time I'm a bit ashamed of it..The reason is...
( Not telling ya! )
Whatever it is..My day had been a bit cheerish today because of them..huhu..
Thank You Classmates!!