Saturday, May 8, 2010

Big FiGhT!!??

wowee~long tme i'm not posting my blog..
well,last friday,it happen there's a fight btween
two of my friend..the first one i called A n de 2nd one
i called happened when we r on the way 2 get
SPBT book..i walk with B n A follow us s usual..
normally i walk bhind them but now i walk in front..
he2..dont wanna stuck btween both of em..suddenly,
A's told B's that she stole her friend(which is me)..
while,walking in front,i said"hak..dont be ridiculous
both of u".but i'm not sure if they heard wat i'm
talking bout..i'm not sure what B replied after being
accused dat way but then A's asked her if she want
2 take revenge on her (hm,i'm not sure myself bout dis rvenge)
after dat word,i walk s far s i can but not too fast so it wont
seem too ketara,,i felt like there's a butterfly in my stomach..
its really uneasy aura..we separate in front of teacher's room.
B's went to recess with others while i wait for A's (coz her mom called.)
since B also ask me 2 wait 4 her coz she dont want any more trouble..
hm,while waiting 4 her,i could c she's crying but i take no notice n talk
wif arif a..den,i walk with her n ask if she's ok.she said she's fine.she hide
bhind me when we aspura..oh man,i'm really hungry at dat tme but my
stomach have 2 wait 4 me..hu2..i really lost half of my appetite n mood..
i hope my frnship btween A n B still like b4..i don wanna choose..if i hve
2,i'll leave both of em..