Saturday, April 24, 2010


hari ni kte trbaca 1 blog kwn kte..
dy sbut psl sorg kwn yg snctive..
it mke me remmbered sum1..
I do agree with her..
i also do brkcil hati ngn dy..
i'm not a type who would sit alone coz
it make me uneasy but
she always sit whnever she want..
she once told me that if sum1 is tlking behind her back
its better 4 them to tell her than talking behind..
but i also know dat if there's person who did it,
dat person might got scold n de other person might cry
since she's so senctive..
seriously,its hard 4 me 2 quiet down bout dis matter..
it jus dat i felt so dissappointed..
if she can live alone,then don't stick 2 others
n left them whenever u want..
its heartbreaking u know..
sumtimes,it do mke me feel guilty 2 left
u alone althought u had done it many times 2 me..
i know if i let out my isi hati 2 others,
they would think me s bad fren..
n b4 teacher had once told don't said bout keaiban org..