Tuesday, June 11, 2013

-To Be fame or Not To Be-

There's no need for you to be the other you. Create your own image, your own fame. Who says the media is the only way for you to achieve that? Yes, that might also be oneof the easiest way to achieve fame but that's not what fame really is.

Famous in other word is being popular. A situation where people give attention to you, knows you wherever you are. Your face had been a cover of many magazines, billboard, webs and newspaper. But, have you ever thought for awhile the true meaning of fame?

Fame doesn't mean to be an artist, actors or models. Fame can also be achieve out of that scope. Have you thought that your contribution, your achievement in something could also be one of fame in life. That fame doesn't fade in a blink of time but it remain in the mind of 
people who appreciate it. True fame give you people respect and known in society. 

However, fame doesn't only come with happy ending story. The more fame you have, the more expectation people will put on you. Can you satisfied that expectation when people itself have no regard of satisfaction. They will keep on wanting for more. You need to keep on being  unique for people to give attention to you for quite long time.

Therefore, being yourself is enough. Its enough when you get friends who acknowledge you. Friend and families who knows you inside out. Neighbors that  remember your look, your  name. There's no need to have big fame when it will soon be a burden on you. Secret fame is more satisfying rather than known fame. 

Create your own image with whoever you are. Chill without restraint of being called ugly or annoying as long you know you yourself are happy. Let the negativity froze in the time  of your cheerful smile cause Only Allah can Judge Whoever You Are. Feel Your own fame where only you knows how it feels without the need of searching for the fame itself because you know, fame in the eyes of Allah is enough for you as He keep watching you daily^^

-Care for nothing except for Allah's interest, InsyaAllah-