Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Name for my Little Kitty ;)

Wuah~I had this great little news..I got two cute little kitty at home :)
One is black n another one is white orange..ngee
I cant wait to go home and see with my own eyes this two
cute little creature..
(Omo,all my word had this 'little' word ;p)
I'm still thinking about their name..
Hm..what should I give their name??

Neng..ponat den memikir ayat in english..
Huhu..tu la..lme x praktik english..kt cni asyik bm jerr..
hurm..reda jer la..wish me luck in getting acceptance in asasi UIA :)
Anyway..tolong2 la rekemenkn che name utk my sweet little kitty yek..
ni pun x lme lg de kucing lg seekor nk beranak..
ayoyoi..murah rezeki ngn ank kucing tol..hehe

Oppss!!!Sbelum kte akhiri bicara kte mlm nie..
I just want to tell all of YOU!!
MAAF ZAHIR BATIN..SORRY for any MISTAKE:) more thing..
I'm going to langkawi tomorrow night :)

p/s:Frankly,I dont feel like going to langkawi..huhu
     can u feel what i feel?