Saturday, January 30, 2010

Damn nite -29/1/10-

what would u do if u met some1 u once taken a liken??

what would u feel if ur love one having relationship with ur fren?

how would u feel if she/he is dating in front of u?

what would you do if it really happened they are dating in front of u?

would u kept running away from she/he?

would u start back with he/she as a friend?

my story:
it HappENed dat on my friday 2syen,i'm late 15 minute..on de way 2 de 2syen,i got
a bad feeling already since it damn jammed with de traffic light always red n im gonna
be late 2 my 2syen..once i arrived,i rushed 2 de classed n jux sit in front since
de class is already full n i had 2 sit with de gurl dat i'm not feeling 2 sit bside..
then,she keep whispering n talking with someone from de class..i ask her if
there's a new student there?n she replied "yes,there's three boys".i turn my head 2
c who's the new students n it happened 2 be my old fren 2 but i've had a bad
relation with them,bad feeling absolutely shocked dat i only turn for a
secong n smile a second den turn my head heart kep saying 'damn it!!oh my god,i really2 hate it 2 happen'i only realise it aftr half of my +mt class period..i kept pretending like nothing happened..i tried but after +mt class,1 of them came 2 talk with de gurl bsideme..
i could sit there 4 1-2 minute but then i ran off 2 de toilet n called my fren 2 relieve my
nervous..i came back 2 de class n the teacher is there..i kept my poker face when
my fren told me dat teacher move my bag away..i can't really 4kus dat nite expecially
after teacher move my bag..after class,i packed fast n when out..

whatever happen next,i'll put an act which look pure..i know i can do it..i'm not going
2 EmBrAce myself..cHayOok!!KamBattE!!Aja2 FightIng!!!wish me LUCK!!