Sunday, October 11, 2009


well,i hav an appoinment wif my doctr 2day..
i do feels like not goin but i still hav 2 no matter
what..tmpt balutan 2 da mle wtkn kte rse gtal..
i hav 2 do de,i jux want 2
tell a story which happen 2day..arghh!!it do make
me feel happy..i keep smiling after dat..hi2..of coz
i act normal in front of dat guy..he is a pharmacist..
after all,its been month i don c him..erm,well,i started
2 like him since im f1..pretty long time huh..i keep
watching him from far..u know there's 1 tme he's
sitting rite bside me on a bench near do
make me nervous n uneasy..i kept doa umi slesai
solat cox i can't stand it..i don want 2 make
me feel stupid..well,i hop i'm going 2 c him 2morrw..
hah,lg 1..rini de jmuan rye in my neighbouring..i don
feel like going but its not a manner 2 do,i jux
go n eat n do a bit chit chat..n den,i saw a boy with
a hair of my doesn't mean i fell in luv
wif dat boy..cume rmbut dy mmg mnarik pndanganku..hak2

p/s:hu2..sok da kne msok wad smula.cpt sgt r..bru
brape ari kte dok uma..